Remarkable mE

What is

It is common for most children to feel anxious about moving up to secondary school due to worries or fears about bullying, making friends, confidence, getting lost & fitting in. 

During this transition period, we feel it is important to give children as much support, guidance & knowledge to help them with this transition.

Remarkable Me is a 7 week program for year 6 children to support them with the big move up to secondary school. 

Our expert support teams have worked with primary school children for over 10 years which is why were able to create the perfect 7- week, after school program that offers the right amount of support, guidance & education before they move onto secondary school & the next important part of their life.

Children are then in a stronger position to make healthier decisions about friendship groups, are more resilient when exposed to new & challenging situations which then improves confidence & self-esteem.

It’s a medical fact that symptoms of stress & anxiety can cause long term cognitive damage to a child’s brain because they are not yet fully developed.

Remarkable Me transitional support program is on a mission to get this program in as many primary schools as possible & give these young lives a fighting chance to succeed.


Lets make it happen together…

The World Health Organisation says by 2020 mental health problems in children will increase by 50%

Remarkable Me Aims... target all children that are experiencing stress or anxiety about transitioning up to secondary school.

We believe that using art, craft, music, drama & physical activity throughout each session can help awaken, inspire & encourage children to overcome hurdles, try new things, learn new skills, enhance their emotional literacy & develop their resilience.

OUR mission is... inspire & empower children to believe in themselves & their dreams and to provide them with the tools to make that happen!

Through our Remarkable Me program children learn how to be confident & prepared to handle the ups and downs of growing up, to think for themselves & make good decisions but more importantly it helps support children with the big move up to secondary school.


we use many different creative art forms such as; Music & movement, drama, arts & crafts & singing to enhance the learning, development & communication process.

These tools are used to aid the children in their journey of self-discovery & help to build a positive sense of self.​

We explore the ideas of identity, encouraging the group to explore their strengths & attributes & find confidence in themselves.

We encourage peer support & a complete buddy system where pupils who have already been through the program are invited back to support new participants.

All these tools help to support children with the transition to secondary school. 

each week covers a new & important theme

Week 1 - The journey starts here (get prepared, you’re not alone)  

Week 2 - Discrimination & celebrating differences (were all different)

Week 3 - Cyber bullying & staying safe (social media in a modern world)

Week 4 - Creative expression (channelling emotions through music, dance, art & drama)

Week 5 - Coping with change & building resilience (sharing anxieties & making new friends)

Week 6 - Setting Intentions & reaching goals (future aspirations & staying focused) 

Week 7 - Graduation Week (performances, celebrations, awards)