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We upload free well being resources for children weekly including guided meditations and worksheets.

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Writing worries down can be really helpful because it can help us to realise that most the time, they are just worries and not reality.

This worksheet helps encourage children to brainstorm all the things that they’ve learnt during the Corona Virus.

Draw a picture to describe what your class was like before coronavirus started and then draw a picture what your class is like now.

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Our body reacts in so many different ways when were stressed and worried. We’ve just added some of the things above but I’m sure you can think of other ways your body reacts to stress.

Fill in the blanks. You might want to use different colours to express different feelings.

Time rushes by so quick and we don’t often stop to be thankful for what we have while we have it. Take some time now to think about this and write your answer below.

Be Kind Colouring Mindfulness Worksheet for children, teens or adults.

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This worksheet helps promote mindfulness.

Mindfulness can: help relieve stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain and improve sleep.

In the clouds, write down all of your thoughts and feelings that are having. They can be happy thoughts, sad thoughts, worried thoughts, excited thoughts!

This worksheet helps children to express their thoughts and feelings.

Free Guided Meditations 

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Setting Intentions & Reaching Goals

This meditation set in a magical castle will encourage children to set healthy intentions and goals for their future whilst build confidence and self esteem.

This is a general stress and anxiety reduction meditation for children to help bring balance and a sense of calm when they are full of worries.

This meditation is for children who have been sick and now in recovery or for children who are worried and anxious about getting sick.

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This ‘Loneliness & Isolation’ guided meditation is for children who have struggled with the lock down period and being separated from loved ones. This meditation aims to bring a sense of calm and balance. (Suitable for adults also)

This guided meditation for children will support and empower those affected by bullying. It aims to desensitise cruel words and build resilience so they can focus on self love and confidence.

This meditation is for children who are struggling with life changing situations such as going back to school or moving school or home or family changes etc. This guided meditation aims to help reprogram the anxiety experienced with change while calming, re balancing and raising self esteem.

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This meditation will help children to overcome challenges and raise their self esteem and confidence whilst increasing their resilience and ability to try new things.

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