Remarkable Me has been running therapeutic programmes for over 5 years and have helped hundreds of children learn how to overcome hurdles, build resilience and raise their self-esteem

The Author

Rachel Streeter is the Director of Remarkable Me Ltd and Author of the Remarkable Me Journal. Her therapeutic career began in London as a Mental Health Worker then she went on to achieve two Diplomas qualifying as a Therapeutic Counsellor in 2007 and a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2008 before setting up her private practice.

Since then Rachel has developed many successful wellbeing projects in the community and has created a team of wonderful Practitioners who all help to deliver Remarkable Me programmes in schools and colleges.

She is now excited to launch her first wellbeing Journal, with the help of her incredible creative team, so children can easily learn essential wellbeing tools from a beautifully illustrated book and grow in confidence each day.

Rachel’s intentions and goals are to help as many children as possible to feel more confident, explore their creative talents, build resilience, and become more emotionally prepared for any big challenges in their life.


The Digital Designer

Casey Rider is the Project Coordinator at Remarkable Me Ltd and the Digital Designer for the Remarkable Me journal.
Casey has always had a deep interest in positive mental health and wellbeing, and at the age of 23 she achieved a BA Honours Degree in Psychology.
Casey joined the Remarkable me team during her final year at University 3 years ago where she worked as a volunteer on one of the Remarkable Me programmes to support her placement hours.
She quickly became a very likeable and valuable member of the Remarkable Me team and has since progressed within the company where she now plays a vital role in the design and coordination of programmes in schools.
Casey is a self-taught web designer and social media manager and ensures the upkeep of the website and social media remains user friendly and interactive for parents and schools.
She is now enjoying the new challenge of digital design within the company and has strong intentions of improving children's mental health and wellbeing with this creative journal.


The Illustrator

Iona is aged 10, the oldest daughter of the Author and one of the Journal illustrators.

Iona has loved to draw from the early age of 2 and would often take herself off to a quiet space to immerse herself in colouring in books.

Iona finds being creative a fantastic tool to overcome any stress or anxiety as well as a great way to express herself creatively.

She has loved being part of this Journal by creating wonderful illustrations and doodles.

Her favourite things to draw are Manga style people, caricatures, and cute animals.

Iona’s intention and goals for her future are to run an animal shelter so she can rescue sick and abandoned animals and give them a safe forever home.

The Illustrator

Niamh is aged 7, youngest daughter of the author and one of the Journal illustrators.

Niamh is also naturally creative and although she enjoys drawing and painting, she much prefers more physical creative projects.

Her favourite thing is to build 3D structures like forts and castles out of cardboard boxes, cushions, and any other objects she can get her hands on.

Once Niamh build a castle out of cardboard that was so big, she could climb inside it with her two dogs and sister.

She has loved adding some of her drawings to this journal and being a part of its amazing journey.

Niamh’s intention and goals for her future is to make lots of money as an architect so she can build extra houses for homeless people.

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