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Our Story

Support For Children's Mental Health

Remarkable Me has been running therapeutic programmes for over 10 years and have helped hundreds of children learn how to overcome hurdles, lower anxiety, build resilience and raise their self-esteem.

Over the years our programmes have grown and developed from art based self-esteem building programmes to transitional programmes helping children with the big move to Secondary School. 

Due to the pandemic, we were unable to continue delivering our in school programmes, so Rachel Streeter, the Director of Remarkable Me decided to transform the programmes into a creative and essential wellbeing journal for children.

Lovingly Designed And Created

This supportive journal for children aged 7 to 12 has been lovingly created for both boys and girls and was created by a mother who is a qualified therapeutic counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist with over 15 years experience of supporting children and families. The content is based on proven methods that promote happiness, lower anxiety, develop healthy habits and nurture children's enquiring minds.

This journal is beautifully illustrated and is really fun and easy to use for children, parents and teachers.


Years Of Experience

We have been supporting children, families and schools for over 10 years and have used all our knowledge and experience to create a journal we KNOW your child will LOVE! 

But most importantly, we know these wellbeing growth journals will improve your child's wellbeing by building their resilience so that they can cope better with significant changes in their life, feel more confident to try new things and make new friends, become more mindful of themselves and others and feel more confident to progress and move forward in their young lives. 

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