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Do you see your school as a mentally healthy school? 

Are you a school that helps children flourish, develop strengths & coping skills that underpin resilience?


A mentally healthy school sees positive mental health & well-being as fundamental to its values & whole school approach which benefits all children, their families & the wider community.

This program will be delivered by our trained & skilled facilitators as an after school program or during school curriculum times depending on your schools timetable and requirements.

If you are reading this page we already know that you recognise the importance of giving your Year 6 pupils support before they move up to secondary school. 

But we also know is that your time is limited so we have made this process as easy & straight forward for you 

with just 2 easy steps!


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"one theme that continues to arise is the stress & anxiety children go through when preparing & transitioning for secondary school..."

We have spoken with over 50 primary schools in the southeast & have heard the evidence from Head teachers & Sencos whom have direct contact with primary school children every day.

"We had noticed that anxiety is heightened in Year 6 when children are preparing & transitioning for secondary school"


We know the massive impact this anxiety has on their ability to socialise & make new friends as well the effects on their confidence & self esteem, their ability to focus & learn & the impact it has on their general mental health & well being.

This transition affects all children in all primary schools
Unfortunately, by the time they have moved it is often too late for some because the anxiety has already taken its toll.

Remarkable Me has tried and tested the service for over 5 years in primary schools & have finally come up with the perfect 7- week program that can be run after school or as part of the school curriculum. It offers the right amount of support, guidance & coaching for children before they move onto secondary school.

Children are then in a stronger position to make healthier decisions about friendship groups, are more resilient when exposed to new & challenging situations & their general mental & emotional well being is much stronger.