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Remarkable Me online SAFEGUARDING policy and procedures

Remarkable Me works alongside schools, families and children to raise confidence and maintain positive mental health for all children involved in our programmes.


We have designed and developed an innovative 7-week support programme for children who are anxious about moving to secondary schools.


Each week includes useful tools, tips and support which will allow each child to transition confidently and safely.

The programme is creative, fun and dynamic, whilst maintaining strict safeguarding procedures to ensure safety and wellbeing of all involved.

The safety and wellbeing of each child on a Remarkable Me programmes is paramount while delivered in schools and through online platforms. 

Child referral procedures
An appropriate referral process is carried out with parents before the program commences to ensure the programme meets the needs and abilities of each child in accordance with our Safeguarding procedures and policies.

Staff safety and training
Staff will have completed E-Safety training course accredited with the NSPCC

Staff will have passed a full, advanced DBS check before joining the programmes either as lead Facilitator, Co-facilitator or volunteer.

Staff to be fully informed and briefed on Safeguarding procedures, so they are clear on the process of Safeguarding and recognise how to report safeguarding issues quickly and effectively. 

Staff to stay up to date with our Safeguarding procedures through regular emails and newsletters and ongoing professional development training and workshops.


Staff safeguarding procedures
The Program leaders and Safeguarding Officer discuss safeguarding procedures on a regular basis to ensure no child is at risk.

Staff are never to continue online conversations or contact with a child outside of Zoom programme time.

A clear line of accountability for safeguarding is reflected in our training manual and Safeguarding policy.

All staff to hold an Incident book so any safeguarding issues can be reported immediately and shared with the lead Safeguarding Officer who will then follow necessary safeguarding procedures.

Staff are made aware of and have easy access to the lead Safeguarding Officers name and contact number.

Recording sessions
If a participant is unable to attend a session, Remarkable Me would like to give the child the opportunity to watch and take part in the activities and weekly tasks through watching the recorded session. Parental consent for recording each session would therefore be essential.


By giving consent, parents would also agree to refrain from sharing any recordings with any other person other than the child who is participating on the programme.

Photos for publicity

Remarkable Me occasionally use photos and videos to help promote the benefits of the support programme for children.


Parents giving consent will have understood, agreed and be compliant to us using photos and videos for publicity purposes.

Parent/guardian contact details
Parents will only be expected to share their email and contact details with the programme Coordinator who will be responsible for inviting children to the weekly sessions and communicating with parents.

Remarkable Me staff do not intend to share any personal details with any other party and adhere fully to the Data Protection act 2018.

Reviewing and updating the security of our information systems regularly 
Ensuring that usernames, logins, email accounts and passwords are used effectively. 

Ensuring personal information about the children who are involved in our programme is held securely and shared only as appropriate within the Remarkable Me team.

Ensuring that images of children, young people and families are used only after consent has been obtained, and only for the purpose for which consent has been given. 

Examining and risk assessing any social media platforms and new technologies before they are used within the organisation.

Reviewing and reporting online safety procedures
There is a clear procedure for staff wishing to report or discuss concerns relating to E-Safety or Internet access and will seek to keep children and young people safe by: 

Appointing an online safety coordinator.

Providing clear and specific directions to staff and volunteers on how to behave online through our behaviour code for children.  

Supporting and encouraging the young people using our service to use the internet, social media and mobile phones in a way that keeps them safe and shows respect for others.

Supporting and encouraging parents and carers to do what they can to keep their children safe online.

If an online incident occurs, we will respond to it by: 

1. Carrying out clear and robust procedures which enable us to respond appropriately to any incidents of inappropriate online behaviour, whether by an adult or a child/young person.

2. Making sure our response takes the needs of the person experiencing abuse.

3. Reviewing the plan developed to address online abuse at regular intervals, in order to ensure that any problems have been resolved in the long term.

Legal framework 
This policy has been drawn up on the basis of legislation, policy and guidance that seeks to protect children in England/Northern Ireland/Scotland/Wales.

Contact details 
Online safety Co-ordinator Name: Rachel Streeter

Senior lead for safeguarding and child protection Name: Rachel Streeter 
Email: rachel@remarkableme.uk

Phone: 01424 732327

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually.  

This policy was last reviewed on: 01.05.2020 

This policy has been witnessed by all Remarkable Me Staff and will be reviewed on 01.05.2021
Signed: R Streeter 


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01424 732327


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