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It is common for children to feel anxious about moving up to secondary school due to worries or fears about bullying, making friends, confidence, getting lost or fitting in. 


During this transition period, we feel it is important to give children as much support, guidance & knowledge to help them with this important transition.


We believe that ALL children deserve a helping hand in the BIG move up to Secondary School and we have made it our mission to get this supportive programme out to as many children as possible. 

Our mission is to help children transition to Secondary School smoothly, safely and confidently

Lets make it happen together…


Our expert team has created he perfect 7 week programme that offers the right amount of guidance and support for children to help them with the move up to Secondary School.

Children are then in a stronger position to make healthier decisions about friendship groups, are more resilient when exposed to new and challenging situations and have an improved level of confidence and self esteem. 

Week 1 - The Journey Starts Here

This week is all about setting our intentions for the programme, making friends, supporting each other and identifying the children's primary concerns are about moving to secondary school.

Week 2 - Discrimination & Celebrating Difference 

We feel that it is so important to teach children that it is healthy to be unique and different. Through arts, crafts and games this week we offer an Equality Awareness tool kit that is enriching and healthy.

Week 3 - Cyberbullying & Staying Safe 

Bullying is one of the key concerns children have expressed about going up to secondary school. Living in such a technology based world, we feel it is important to teach children about cyberbullying and how to stay safe online.

Week 4 - Creative Expression

This week we focus on teaching the children how they can express themselves in a healthy and positive way. Through creative expression we encourage the children to experiment with all kinds of fun, dynamic and creative activities to help build their emotional literacy and confidence.

Week 5 - Coping With Change 

This is a very important week, as we have learned through previous programmes that children tend to repress negative emotions or release them in unhealthy ways.

We support the children to learn how to understand their emotional blocks so they can communicate more effectively, and we give them the right tools so they can become more resilient when dealing with life changing circumstances.

Week 6 - Setting Intentions & Reaching Goals

 This week is based around the children's future goals, what they want to achieve, how they can set positive intentions for themselves and stay focused and happy.

Week 7 - Graduation 

The final week of the programme is all about celebrating the children's accomplishments on the programme. For the final session children will be encouraged to perform or share something of their choice. From previous programmes, this has ranged from singing, dancing, a sporting activity or showing a piece of artwork they feel particularly proud of.
The children will also be awarded their Remarkable Me Certificate and tons of praise for all their amazing achievements.
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