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Please see 'Wholesale Discount Info' for a breakdown of prices, then complete our get a quote form and we will invoice you with a price that includes your discount and shipping fee. 

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Be a Mentally Healthy School and a key leader in positive mental health


Schools are under so much pressure to perform well and keep their children safe, but with ever growing numbers of children experiencing mental health difficulties and teachers already stretched, it is difficult to even know where to start.


There are many reasons why a child’s mental health can suffer, but the recent pandemic has compounded stress levels even further, and children have been left feeling isolated, anxious, confused, and lonely with confidence levels at an all-time low.


Remarkable Me have over 10 years of experience supporting children and families and spent the last 5 years going into schools to deliver our much-loved wellbeing programmes.

Since the start of the pandemic we have put all our energy into transformed our programmes into beautiful working Journals that can be utilised in the classroom as well as home.


Talking about mental health and expressing our feelings can be very difficult for children, and journaling has been proven to encourage this process in a very subtle and effective way.

Our wellbeing journal has been designed to support the process of positive expression while raising confidence levels and building resilience along the way.

No more downloading and printing


There is no need to download or print endless documents for a class as we have done all the work for you.


The Journals are designed to offer primary school teachers reliably support by way of fun activities, therapeutic guidance, scientific facts, mindfulness tools and resources, creative stories, relaxing guided meditations, and whole school kindness initiatives, all wrapped up in a beautifully illustrated A4 Journal.


We can provide FREE LESSON PLANS and TEACHER NOTES for extra support and are always on hand to answer any questions or offer support.


Each child can personalise their Journal with their name and creative artwork so they can feel empowered explore their own personal journeys.

Simply guide each child through their very own Journal chapter by chapter and watch how their confidence levels grow each week.


Be a key advocate for promoting wellbeing and positive mental health in your school 

We offer HUGE discounts to schools and organisations that order more than 15 journals with us. 

Please see 'Wholesale Discount Info' for a breakdown of prices, then complete your order form and we will invoice you with a price that includes your discount and shipping fee. 

Wholesale Discount Info

We offer HUGE discounts for schools, organisations or individuals who wish to order a larger number of journals. Purchasing 15 or 20 journals If you purchase 15 or 20 journals you will receive a 10% discount £19.79 rather than £21.99 Purchasing 25 or 30 journals If you purchase 25 or 30 journals you will receive a 20% discount £17.59 rather than £21.99 Purchasing 60 or 90 journals If you purchase 60 or 90 journals you will receive a 30% discount £15.39 rather than £21.99 Purchasing 150 or 200 journals If you purchase 150 or 200 journals you will receive a 35% discount £14.30 rather than £21.99

Journal Content

This wellbeing journal has 8 important chapters, specifically designed to raises children's self-esteem, confidence, build resilience and help children deal with change. Chapter 1 - Creative Expression Chapter 2 - Worry Monsters Chapter 3 - Building Confidence Chapter 4 - Growing Resilience Chapter 5 - Coping With Change Chapter 6 - Embrace Your Weirdness Chapter 7 - Being Kind & Giving Back Chapter 8 - Setting Goals & Making It Happen


A4 Journal

Page Quality

Inner stock used 120gsm Uncoated FSC and cover onto 300gsm Silk + gloss laminated outer cover

Shipping Info

Shipping times can vary greatly, and some delays should be expected occasionally due to Covid restrictions and staff furlough. UK: 5 - 7 working days
USA and Canada: 7 - 14 working days
Rest of World: 14 to 25 working days.

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1) Please complete the form below selecting how many journals you require (15, 20, 25, 30, 60, 90, 150, 200) 2) We will then calculate the total cost minus your special wholesale discount and invoice you 3) Once payment has been made we will then ship out your journals directly to your school or organisation

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