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Journals To Build Confidence

Resilience Building Journal Book for Kids

We have created two 'Wellbeing Growth Journals' to provide support for children aged 7 to 12 and teenagers from 12-17 years.
The journals provide essential support through challenging stages of young lives while raising
self-esteem, confidence, building resilience and reducing anxiety.

These colourful and interactive A4 journals will help children and teens cope with any anxieties they may be feeling while exploring their talents and creativity, set goals, encourage kindness and build healthy friendships.
Our years of experience in the field of mental health and wellbeing have given us an opportunity to be there for you and offer you the right support in the form of a creative, fun, and therapeutic journal which can be used at home or in the classroom as part of essential wellbeing curriculum support.

Wellbeing Growth Journal - TEEN EDITION

"This beautifully illustrated and sensitively written journal will be really useful for learning mentors, LSAs and parents to work through with their children. What is particularly impressive is the science behind the activities and the fact that they are based on a deep understanding of children’s mental and emotional development. I particularly love the power animals and visualisations and I’m sure the children will love them too"

Kathryn Waters – Primary Head Teacher

"The journal is absolutely fantastic; bright colourful and creative. It’s lovely that he can work through it independently and choose to do different activities when he feels like it. He can keep it private which will enable him to gain independence and express his thoughts without a parent being present. I am sure he will find making friends really easy with the confidence boost this has given him. I would really recommend remarkable me to all parents!"

Iona Smith – Mother

"Rachel and her team have produced a rich and invaluable resource for parents, teachers, carers, therapists and, most of all, children themselves who are experiencing growing up in a complex and confusing world. The journal is packed full of ideas, tools and games to encourage confidence, understanding and kindness. I hope it finds itself in the hands of many children and the adults that support them."

Robert Goodman - Psychologist

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