Journals To Build Confidence 

This journal has been created to provide therapeutic support for children, help them explore their thoughts and feelings and start to truly believe in themselves as Remarkable human beings.

In this journal, children will discover their true potential, sharpen their skills and talents, and develop a ton of new ones.

Children will discover that it's OK to make mistakes and get things wrong because these are opportunities to learn valuable lessons and build resilience, (No one ever learnt from getting everything right!)

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Confidence Building Activities For Kids

This journal will show children that little failures = resilience, confidence, and unbelievable growth.

Children will feel inspired to try new things, take a few risks and step out of their comfort zone.

They will learn to embrace and love who they truly are because the world is an incredible place, full of difference and diversity.

And by the end of it, children will have their feet firmly on the path

to reaching their goals, feeling super happy and confident!

Inside The Journal 

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We have over 10 Years of Experience

The Remarkable Me wellbeing growth journal has been lovingly created by a small family team who have over 10 years of experience of running art based therapeutic programmes for children. 

This journal provides support for children's wellbeing and mental health. It will help build children's confidence, self-esteem, resilience and reduce anxiety. 

Schools LOVE Our Journals

Schools are under so much pressure to perform well and keep their happy and children safe, but with ever growing numbers of children experiencing mental health difficulties and teachers already stretched, it is difficult to even know where to start.

Talking about mental health and expressing feelings can be very difficult for children, and journaling has been proven to encourage this process in a very subtle and effective way.

Our wellbeing journal has been designed to support the whole school framework for emotional wellbeing and mental health and we now offer our schools free lesson plans to aid the teaching experience.

Many schools around the UK have now stocked our wellbeing journals to provide emotional support for their pupils and to show our appreciation we offer HUGE discounts to schools or organisations that wish to order a set number of journals for multiple children. 

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Schools that stock our journals
Schools that stock our journals
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